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Blog Feature with Scarlet Rage Vintage

Thank you to Scarlet Rage Vintage for asking to interview me on all things pinup and vintage, SCR is THE most incredible online true vintage seller and an all round wonderful woman, so if you're after a show stopping gown, a classic silhouette, or want to finish off your outfit with a vintage gem go visit her at https://scarletragevintage.com . Thank you!

Interview from 20

We’re super excited about this vintage spotlight as we managed to snag an interview with beauty guru and social media sensation Diablo Rose. We get all the gossip from starting her youtube to building a vintage beauty empire. So lets delve in shall we?

Is Diablo Rose your real name, if not is she like your persona, much like Sasha Fierce is to Beyonce? 

Diablo Rose is unfortunately not my real name! I think it’s definitely a case of the alter ego persona Beyonce/Sasha Fierce thing, (and quite frankly if it’s good enough for Queen B then I’ll go along with that!) I suppose when I started out with the whole pinup thing it was fun to take on a persona, and it helped a lot with my confidence during my first photo shoots, which were completely out of my comfort zone! When you’re all dressed up and on set with someone pointing a camera at you it’s a good exercise to imagine yourself as this confident badass, and I think ‘Diablo’ really took that on as a name for me. As I started to grow followers with my hair and make up posts it became a fun and memorable brand name to work with and ‘Diablo’ and I were able to kind of meet in the middle in terms of personal and social confidence.

I understand that your sister owns Le Keux Vintage Salon and you work along side her. Is it hard to work with a sibling? 

We get asked that question a lot, and we work together so well, I think it’s because we completely trust in each others skills, viewpoint and direction for the business. Lynsey (big bosslady at Le Keux) is the owner, and in complete control of the business side of everything with the salon and cosmetics, and I’m the Creative Director. We both have degrees in our fields and have faith that the other knows what they’re doing so we’ve never had any conflicts which I think is a great testament to our love and motivation for Le Keux! I could never do what she does and all that’s involved with being in charge of everything we do so I think there’s also a lot of respect for each others work as well which keeps things running smoothly.

What inspired you to do vintage hair and make up? Is there a particular era you love to emulate? 

We have both always just been drawn the whole vintage and pinup aesthetic, I don’t know whether there was a particular instance or image that inspired us, it’s just always been there growing up! When I was a teenager I had a few pinup inspired accessories and would always shop at charity shops or little alt/boutique shops and experimented a lot with different hair styles. As the business grew, which started out as a vintage inspired events company we just started to embrace the look into our everyday life more and more, and gain our knowledge of eras, styles, homeware, music etc.  Personally I love the late 50s – early 60s style, which basically means I love a fancy hairdo! I think it’s fun to move around the eras a little though, and try out new looks, why limit yourself to one style when there’s so much gorgeousness from each era. 

So let’s talk about Youtube, what inspired you to start doing youtube videos? Do you feel pressure to upload regularly?

We started doing Youtube videos a few years ago to help promote the salons and our cosmetics range and now I’ve branched out with my own channel  as I get constant requests to share how I do my hairdos! Youtube can a tricky one as it is a great way to interact and share what I do with the whole world but there is definitely pressure once you start to do them, I try to do them as often as I can as I do absolutely love helping people bring out their own inner pinup, I also enjoy filming them and sharing certain tricks and techniques but it all involves a lot of work from set up, equipment, editing etc to put out great videos which I don’t think people always appreciate in terms of putting them together. They are fun and I’ve had such a great response from our current videos which is so lovely, but yeah, it’s pretty crazy to be constantly asked for more, more, more! 

My Boudoir Photography

Social media is a huge part of our generation’s lives especially instagram, What do you think is the key to this notoriety as the last time we checked you were on 50 THOUSAND followers (Congratulations)..Also how do you deal with so many people wanting to be friends or follow you? Does it feel strange?

Thank you, yeah I still get surprised when I see the numbers of followers growing as it has been lately, and it’s completely incredible and pretty mind blowing when you actually think about the amount! I’m really lucky that everyone who I interact with is so incredibly lovely and supportive so it just makes me love instagram for all the different people who I’ve met, befriended and worked with both virtually and in real life. When I’m in the salons it always feels crazy if someone recognizes me or says they follow me, because I’m just little old me with a fancy hairdo! It’s an amazing thing really, and I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my self because of the support I’ve got online, and I like to try to reciprocate that with anyone who says ‘they wish they could have pink hair’ or ‘they love the vintage look but couldn’t possibly do it themselves’. I’ve got a great platform for people to encourage and support self expression so for that I’m really thankful and humbled, and will try to do as much as I can to share the love! 

Now lets talk makeup and hair!! What were sure everyone wants to know. What are your top five products for hair are that you cannot live without and why? Also same question for make up.

Oh that’s a good one, here are my favourite products:


1. I love Kenra Hot Spray as it’s got thermal protection as well as being an excellent setting spray for curlsets! You should always, always use heat protection! 

2. Hairspray is basically my favourite hair product, I use it for everything! My favourite hairsprays are Big Sexy Hair Get Layered, Schwartskoph Silhouette and Tresemme Salon Hold – each of them are great for all sorts of budgets, but the ultimate hairspray has to be the Kenra Freeze Spray, that stuff does not mess around when it comes to hold! 3. The question is probably get asked the most is which hair colour I use, my current magenta / soft pink colour is Directions Rose Red and Adore Raspberry Split mixed down with a basic white conditioner.

4. My hairdresser, Katy at Hula Hair has been using Fibreplex with my colour for about a year now and it’s completely transformed my hair from a self damaged bleach mop to ridiculously thick, growing hair so I’d really recommend anyone to look into that, and let your hairdresser handle bleach, trust me!

5. Then lastly, using the right tools for the job is important, and by that I mean hairbrushes. Rat tail comps for sectioning and teasing, you can get backcombing brushes for easy big hair, and I always have my trusty Denman Grooming Brush for smoothing, brushing out curlsets and generally taking care of my hair.


1. Of course, Le Keux Cosmetics are a huge staple in my make up bag, and having your own personal supply of eyeliner and lipstick really comes in handy. My favourites from the range (if I’m allowed to have favourites!) is the Secret Weapon Brow and Eyeliner Paint as it’s perfect for all eyebrows shades and my own signature Diablo Rose Lip Paint which is a gorgeous bright warm pink shade with our cherry scent!

2. I can get get oily skin and don’t always have time for touch ups when I’m working in the salon so I also love setting my make up, I use our Pin Up Powder to mattify and Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray to lock everything in place, it works a treat.

3. Having very pale skin is pretty tricky when it comes to foundation matching, most brands just don’t go quite pale enough or have too much yellow or orangey tones to them. My favourite foundation has to be Kat Von D’s Lock It Foundation as it can go super pale, has great pigment and lasts really well!

4. Again, using the right tools for the job makes a massive difference in your finished make up look, I use the entire Le Keux CosmeticsDual End brush range as they are high quality, super soft for blending and are all high quality synthetic fibres so are completely cruelty free.

5. Whenever I start our make up tutorials in the salons I always stress the importance of taking care of your skin type, because if your skin is prepped then the make up process will just be easier! I follow the cleanse, tone and moisturize regime and try to take care of my face as much as I can so I think it’s a good idea to look into your skin types and find products to complement that.

What would you say has been the most challenging hair style that you’ve had the learn and why?

I think with all hair and makeup styling, practise makes perfect, some I’ve picked up easier than others, and I think I’m still improving my skills and technique, after all, there’s ALWAYS room for improvement! Working as a stylist means you need to be able to do styles on every different hairtype and keep consistent across them all, so I think the challenges come in the form of knowing the prep and different approaches you have to take with doing the same style on someone with thin, short hair, to someone with really thick curly hair! 

Ok final question, if you could invite 8 people to a dinner party dead or alive who wouldthey be and why?

Oh now that is a tough one! I think I’d have to start with being incredibly cliche and have Mariyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, because, well,there are just icons! Then maybe the creator of the beehive, Margaret Vinci Heldt to pick her styling brains a little. My all time favourite movie couple: Clarence and Alabama Worley from True Romance (I’m not sure if fictional characters are allowed, but they be good fun and maybe we could all run off to Vegas together!) I’d also love to meet truly inspirational woman who stood up for what they believed in too, women like Rosa Parks, Frida Kahlo and Amelia Earheart.

Thank you again to Scarlet Rage Vintage for interviewing me!



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