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Diablo Rose Social Media Academy - Lesson 2 Bossing Your Stats

Welcome to the Diablo Rose Social Media Academy Course!

You’re on the right track to building your own five figure following and thensome with this comprehensive, strategic and inspiring social media education. Within this Diablo Rose Social Media Academy Course I’m going to teach you how to use social media in a truly positive and proactive way to help you create a kick ass brand, with awesome content that gets seen by the masses!

We’re going to look at how you can get interactive with your followers, increase your likes and comments, raise your follower numbers and unlock your influencer potential so if you want to get noticed by followers and brands alike keep reading to learn all about how to raise a five figure follower rate and more.

Social media is a great place to raise your profile or brand, create your own community of like-minded fans and express your individuality. All of this can be achieved by creating inspirational content, showcasing your posts by maximising your engagement rates and reach with proven techniques and strategising your posting schedules. If you focus oneach of those areas in turn you’ll maximise each posts potential, which leads to brand and influencer awareness, more earning potential and opportunity to spread your passions and message to the world!

Are you ready to get started? Let’s do this!

Within lesson 2 of the Diablo Rose Social Media Academy we’re going to delve into your social media accounts statistics and demographics so that we can understand your follower types and behaviour. By doing this you’ll be able to maximise the reach your posts gather by fine tuning your posting times, content, ‘likeability’ and resharing potential. We’ll also be looking at the algorithms; What are they, how they affect you, what the purpose is and how we can kick ass to combat the algorithms to push ourselves and our posts more!


Demographics and Behaviours

Introduction to how the different platforms are used and their user stats.

How to learn about your followers demographics and behaviours.

Posting Times

Learning about your individual pages stats and demographics and ideal posting times.


What are algorithms? Understanding the patterns, how to combat them and how to keep motivated!

Top Tips for beating the algorithms.

Posting For Different Content

How to cater your content type, ie videos, images, reviews etc to follower behaviours and encouraging engagements.


Posting Times Log Book

Record your ideal posting schedules based on each platforms stats.

Weekly Planner

Plan out your social media posts, taking the first 2 chapters into account, ie changing up your content, diff post types etc. Set your weeks goals.



To find out more about the full Diablo Rose Social Media Academy just go to www.lekeux.com to see everything that's included! There's the full 6 Lesson Course, plus access to worksheets, planners, podcasts, motivational videos and much more!

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