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Diablo Rose Social Media Academy - Lesson 5&6 Join The Real World!

Welcome to the Diablo Rose Social Media Academy Course!

You’re on the right track to building your own five figure following and thensome with this comprehensive, strategic and inspiring social media education. Within this Diablo Rose Social Media Academy Course I’m going to teach you how to use social media in a truly positive and proactive way to help you create a kick ass brand, with awesome content that gets seen by the masses!

We’re going to look at how you can get interactive with your followers, increase your likes and comments, raise your follower numbers and unlock your influencer potential so if you want to get noticed by followers and brands alike keep reading to learn all about how to raise a five figure follower rate and more.

Social media is a great place to raise your profile or brand, create your own community of like-minded fans and express your individuality. All of this can be achieved by creating inspirational content, showcasing your posts by maximising your engagement rates and reach with proven techniques and strategising your posting schedules. If you focus oneach of those areas in turn you’ll maximise each posts potential, which leads to brand and influencer awareness, more earning potential and opportunity to spread your passions and message to the world!

Are you ready to get started? Let’s do this!

Lesson 5 is going to talk you through the viral capabilities of social media use, I’m going to discuss two case studies to show you the different ways in which you can ride this virtual catapult in ways you might not expect! Both of these cases are through my own experience of reaching hundreds of thousands of people through online usage, both in and outside of social media.

As a definition ‘going viral’ is an image, video, or link that spreads rapidly through the internet through being frequently shared. Now going viral isn’t necessarily something you can teach how to accomplish as it basically an unexpected phenom-enon of social media and internet usage! But what I can show you is how you can take advantage of the possibilities and opportunities which can come your way when you do actually go viral.

I’ve taught you so many techniques, tricks, valuable strategies and methods you can adopt to take your social media status to higher levels so now it’s time to take it all in, plan out your schedule and goals and put it all into practise. Social media use can be tricky, and the algorithms and constantly moving pace can overwhelm you or at times feel like you’re not in control so Lesson 6 is here to give you guidance on staying focused and motivated. We have to remember that social media is a fun way to interact, inspire, promote and is a great tool for raising your brand or persona status, so having a few reminders to keep that mindset on track is incredibly important!

Glitter Pin Curls

1 million + reach through shares and influencer resharing and how it affected the business and engagement rates.

Copyright Infringement

Using social media to support and enhance a cause/message, plus gaining major community support within your followers. How to take the viral reach to actual press coverage.

How To Stay Focused

Lets Do This! Putting teachings into motion and developing your goals

Keeping yourself on track, re-evaluating your goals and maintaining a healthy mindset!



To find out more about the full Diablo Rose Social Media Academy just go to www.lekeux.com to see everything that's included! There's the full 6 Lesson Course, plus access to worksheets, planners, podcasts, motivational videos and much more!

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