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Interview with The British Belles

{excerpt taken from The British Belles blog post}

Our favorite Le Keux cutie, boss ladies sister and all round master of hair and make up across the Le Keux stores gave us the pleasure of having a little interview with her, ahead of her trip to Viva Las Vegas (can you say jealous much!) where she will be competing in the Viva Las Vegas Pin Up Pageant, she 100% has our vote!  For those of you who don't know, VLV is one of the BIGGEST pin up / vintage / rockabilly weekenders around. Held in it's namesake Sin City itself, us belles can only but dream of one day getting to attend this weekend which would be a once in a life time, dream come true.  Diablo Rose hit the pin up scene with a bath bomb explosion of signature pink locks that always look quaffed to perfection in so many innovative and delicate styles. She was the leader of the original Le Keux Girls, gracing many covers such as chap magazine and since has recently launched her own line of incredible bold print tees. So without further a do read on to see what Diablo had to tell us about the pin up comp, her t-shirt line and more....

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